May 12, 2005

La Paz

Hello Everyone!

Here we are back in La Paz getting ready to load up on May 18th.

When we got back into the Marina at Noon on Monday we took a cab into town to get our plane tickets on Aero California from La Paz to LAX. Aero California flies DC-9s, but still uses paper tickets, so we had to go to one of their ticket offices instead of doing everything on the web. The rest of our travel plans were done online.

Our itinerary:

May 18th - Load on Dockwise. We need to be alongside the Dockwise vessel in La Paz's commercial port in Pichilingue - about 30 minutes from Marina Palmira - at 7am. After we load, Dockwise will take us back by panga to the marina. We'll then stay the night in the nice, Hotel Marina This is the hotel at the top of our dock with the pool we've been using during our stay.

May 19th - Fly Aero California 142 from La Paz to LAX - leave 820 AM, Arrive 1030 AM. We'll then rent a car and visit with the family in Northridge. That night we'll be staying in the Sheraton Pasadena Hotel (using our large pile of Starwood points).

May 20th - Fly South West 2338 from Hollywood Burbank to Oakland - leave 1110 AM, arrive 1220 PM. We'll rent a car and drive back to the our "Vacation Home" in Sonoma.

May 26th - Fly UA 8636 from SFO to Vancouver - leave 240 PM, arrive 450 PM. We'll be staying at the Westin Bayshore.

May 27th - Meet the Dockwise vessel and unload.

We hope to visit with some of you all along the way.

We will then be in the Coal Harbour Marina in Vancouver for about a week while we get organized.

We're then planning to cross to Sydney on Vancouver Island to get hauled for our Bi-Annual Valiant warranty survey and some maintenance.

After all that's done, we planning to start with Victoria and the Gulf Islands.

Here in La Paz, we've got chores to wrap up before loading.

Monday, we made our travel plans.

Tuesday we had the boat washed, got rid of our email backlog and went shopping in town for some groceries to last us until we load.

Yesterday, we washed and scrubbed the dingy and put it back in the lazerette (it's been in the water or on deck for the last three months) and removed and stowed the servo blade from the Monitor wind vane. It's amazing how things have grown to not fit anymore! Then we visited with friends.

Today, Mary is doing canvas work and I'm working on the computer.

Not too much left to do before we load, mainly stow things, finish up what's in the fridge and freezer (it will be off during the voyage), pickle the water maker, stow the Bimini (the sun cover over the cockpit) and prep the boat for having the power and water off for 10 days. I'll also put safety lines around our roller furling sails to prevent them from accidentally unrolling if the furling line parts during the voyage (we'll leave them up).

Friday night, we're going into town to a night club - La CabaƱa - reported to have a clientele of folks in our age group. We'll report back later on this one.

That's the news from Raptor Dance!

Warmest Regards,
Bill and Mary

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