January 14, 2005

Barra de Navidad

Let me try a slightly different format. Below is a brief additional update with imbded photos. Please comment and let me know if you like this format better. I can only do it when I'm connected directly to the net, so we'll still only post text only messages when at sea.

If you want a larger view, you can click on any of the pictures. But to get back to this BLOG, use the BACK control on the browser. The "Home" icon on the pictures will take you to our website

You can also see ALL our pictures posted on our website at http://raptordance.com

We go a lot going on in Barra de Navidad and across the bay where we are in Isla Navidad - see: http://www.islanavidad.com/

Since we got here on January 1st we've been busy exploring the area, trying the local restaurants

and enjoying time at the pool.

One restaurant we particulary enjoyed is Restaurant Maya - see http://www.restaurantmaya.com/ in the nearby town of Melaque. We visited with Simon and Charlyn of Lily Mae and had a wonderful dinner.

It's quite a bit warmer here than anywhere we've been so far so our sun shade is very important. We've also purchased a hammock and it's a very nice way to spend the afternoon.

That's a quick update from us for now.

We hope you have a great weekend.


Bill and Mary

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