October 13, 2004

Catalina Bound

After a great 5 days in Marina del Rey seeing family and friends, we're off to spend the next 4+ days in Catalina.

Our first stop will be the Isthmus where we'll stop for a Buffalo Milk and do some diving. For those of you who don't know. The bar at the Isthmus is "Doug's Harbor Reef" and their buffalo milk is some what akin to a pina colada, but a bit different in flavor.

On our way out of the Marina we stopped at the fuel dock. We had not refueled since Half Moon bay. Even so, we only needed 69.6 gallons of diesel. Much better than my old boat which would have used more than that just getting to Catalina and back from Marina del Rey!

The sun's back out and it's in the 70s, but the winds are still adverse so we're motor sailing. Normally Catalina is a "reach" from Marina del Rey, but today it's straight windward! Also, the wind is only 6 knots, so if we sailed - we wouldn't get in well past dark on a moonless light.... So the decision - sail and get in late - or Motor and get in by 4 turns into an easy one. Cruising is sooo different from racing ;-}

Hope you all have a great day!

Bill and Mary

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