October 3, 2004

On our way to Morro Bay

It's a beautiful morning!..... OK, it's foggy and overcast with 3 miles visibility.... (at 8AM) and cool - in the mid 50s, But it's nice and warm in the cabin.

We left Monterey this morning at 1:10 AM and are motoring as we still don't have enough wind to make Morro Bay by nightfall if we were sailing. True Wind speed is only 4.0 knots from the North.

A big difference between racers and cruisers: when there's no wind, we use the engine!

We rounded Pt. Sur at 5:05 AM and right now we're 24 Nautical Miles from Pt. Piedras Blancas on a heading of 130 Deg M, making around 7.3 knots. We should make Morro Bay by 4:00 PM.

I just sent in a position update and it should be posted on the website.

Mary is up sitting watch and I'm down below fiddling with the computer and radios.

We're having a great time and can't wait until we get to warmer weather. Mary's wearing her fleece and warm fuzzy hat.

We enjoyed watching a pod of dolphin's playing in our bow wave this morning for over an hour. There were at least 8 leaping, frolicking and having a good old time. I tried taking some stills, but they were a bit fast and it was still twilight, I'll see what comes out and put any decent pictures up on the website next time we get a good high speed connection.

Oh and (knock on wood) all systems are functioning properly - that is, nothing's broken yet.....

We are having a great time.... We should have done this years ago!

That's the morning update from Raptor Dance!

Bill and Mary

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