October 27, 2004

Wendesday October 27th

Wow! This has been great! I must admit, we weren't saying that on Tuesday. We hadn't gotten into the sleep rhythm yet. But now...we are anchored in Turtle Bay, Bahia de Tortugas.

The breeze is flowing, the sun is shinning, the steaks are marinating and the champagne is chilling (thanks Denise and David). And one by one the other boats are coming in.

I knew we had a great boat but I am surprised that we left almost everyone behind us. We will see how it turns out after they factor in the motoring time. Really, we weren't racing. We are "cruisers". It just turned out that way.

Yesterday, we were swarmed by over a hundred dolphin for a short time. There are some playing around in this bay too. In the evening we maneuvered around the islands. It makes me appreciate the radar even more.

Even by the second day, we were getting used to the night watches. We've had a full moon and good visibility. Tonight, we'll watch the Lunar Eclipse while BBQing our steaks.

Now we'll rest and socialize for a couple of days, while we wait for the smaller boats. The next stop will be Bahia Santa Maria.

I like it!

Warmest regards,

Mary and Bill

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