October 30, 2004

Bahia de Tortugas

Here we are in beautiful Turtle Bay. A lovely little village of around 1500 people, 6 hours off the main Baja Highway down a dirt road. It's basically a fishing village with very nice folks. All the folks on the Baja-Haha added another 500 people to the population - but only for three days. This is a major event for the local folks as it occurs right near the "day of the dead" - the Mexican version of Halloween....

We didn't see lots of people during the day, but at night it was very lively, with cars driving up and down the main (dirt) street.

Today, was the "Beach Party" with a DJ, two bear concessions, a lady making excellent Carne Asada tacos and lot's of great Pot Luck dishes. Mary made a great spicy chicken pasta with a sambal peanut sauce. It was a big hit!

I've turned into "Dr. Radio"... Quite a few folks (5 so far) needed help with their Marine Radios. In all cases so far, it's been "operator error" (they didn't read the fine manual) or had programmed the frequencies incorrectly. It was greatly appreciated.

We did get to go visit these boats and made many new friends - there and at the beach party.

Some of the people we met were commenting that they couldn't catch up to our boat with the "hot pink spinnaker" on Tuesday and Wednesday.

But we've only scratched the surface getting to know folks.

Tomorrow is the start of the next leg to Bahia Santa Maria..... We start at 8 AM

Oh, Mary wanted me to tell you that I won a prize for the best nautical costume at the kickoff party last Sunday.

I took some 1 inch braided line I got as remnants, cut it into short pieces and hot glued them to a ball cap, then unraveled the ends. I took another length of rope, wrapped it around my shoulders and tied a knot in it and unraveled it's ends.....

When people asked me what I was.... I said "I'm a Frayed Knot!" That's also the punch line for an old joke ;-}

Mary went as Elle from the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad (From Kill Bill Vol. 1). Nurses outfit, big syringe needle and an eye patch....

That's the news from Turtle Bay!

Next update after we start tomorrow.

Best wishes to all!

composed by both Mary and Bill

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