October 4, 2004

Finally in Southern California!

Well - we made it around the famous Pt. Conception, often called the Cape Horn of California. Woopie, we've seen more wind on SF Bay and bigger seas coming back to SF from Monterey.

The journey was not uneventful, however. We had a bit of a to do, in the middle of San Luis Bay (near San Luis Obispo) when we caught a floating crab pot line in our propeller (we were motor sailing at the time in light winds). We were able to untangle it after about 10 minutes of twiddling with no damage. The bolt holding the autopilot drive also fell out about the same time, so we had to go lazaretto diving to replace it (we waited until we got to the anchorage). But hey, that's what cruising is all about!

Truly, Pt. Conception was no big deal today. Moderate winds and seas. For once, our wind vane didn't point to our bow ;-}

After rounding, we tucked in safe and sound to Cojo Anchorage, just around Pt. Conception (Santa Barbara side). Check out the map on the website - it should show us there.

For dinner, we had a nice Rosemary and Garlic infused rack of lamb, with oven roasted new Yukon Gold potatoes, broccoli and a lovely Sausal Zinfandel.

We are happy, content and (now that we're in Southern California and had a sunny day) WARM!

Regards to All!

Bill and Mary

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