November 24, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving to all

It's been a while since we sent our last message.

We've been busy having a great time exploring the Puerto Vallarta area, touring and generally keeping busy.

One change to our Itinerary, Dockwise Yacht Transport scheduled an additional boat in May from La Paz to Vancouver so we changed to that voyage to give us more time for the Sea of Cortez. We'll be leaving La Paz now in Mid May (instead of March), arriving in Vancouver late May/early June.

Everything takes a bit long here in Mexico so it's good that we've got lots of time. We've even been able to lounge by the pool a bit here in Paradise Village.

It's easy to get into town from the Marina. A 14 peso bus ride will take you to the outskirts and another 4 pesos will take you all the way through to the other side. At 11.2 pesos to the dollar, that's pretty inexpensive.

There's a village about a 1 km walk from the other side of the Marina, Jarretaderas with a great market on Tuesdays. We've picked up lots of fresh fruit and vegetables the last two Tuesdays along with great shrimp. A fellow sells Medium and Large shrimp off the back of his truck at 60 pesos per kilo for the small and 80 pesos for the large. So that's 2.2 pounds of great tasting shrimp for just over $5.

There's also a tortilla factory in town that sells fresh corn tortillas for around 3.5 pesos a dozen.

We're also still eating all the fresh fish (now frozen) we got from our fellow cruisers on the way down.

Tomorrow we're off to a nearby restaurant for a Thanksgiving day feast set up by the Marina.

We hope you and your families all have a really great Thanksgiving!

Warmest Wishes,
Bill and Mary

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