November 9, 2004

On our way to Puerto Vallarta

We had a fun 5 days in Cabo and we're now on our way to Puerto Vallarta.

Cabo is a very touristy place. Every day at least one huge cruise ship was anchored in the bay dropping off thousands of passengers. The shuttle boats were constantly running back and forth. The street vendors were very forward in pushing their wares. Get a few blocks away from the harbor though and it quiets way down.

Most of the boats in the harbor are sport fishers. There was a major tournament that ended Sunday, with a $750,000 purse. So things were hopping.

The bars down here are quite something: Squid Row, Cabo Wabo, the Giggling Marlin are all quite famous. We did go to Squid Row Thursday night with the other cruisers and it was actually quite a lot of fun.

Friday was the Baja-Haha beach party at a restaurant/bar on the main beach. Lot's going on. The place is infested with Jet Skis, Parasailers, glass bottom water taxis and whole lot of tourists.

Cabo is quite a change from quiet Turtle Bay and Bahia Santa Maria. The general consensus of the cruisers is that it's "not Mexico", at least the tourist part that we spent most of our time in.

The prices were also quite a bit higher then the rest of Mexico, but still much less than California for many things.

One bargain - We ate lunch at an outstanding Brazilian Churrascaria yesterday. Every bit as good as the one in NY City that we've been to a few times. The total price was $13 US.

One restaurant, "Pancho's" has a tequila tasting they'll do along with food pairings (we didn't partake of this one).

We also had a very excellent Japanese dinner (we had Sushi) at "Nik Sans". Mary had a lobster hand roll with a whole lobster tail in it... YUM!

Mary also gave me my first haircut since we left. It was also Mary's first time cutting hair..... Turned out great!

We left Cabo this morning around 10 AM and should get to Nuevo Vallarta by early Thursday morning.

We'll be staying at The Paradise Village Marina & Yacht Club, see:

More news later!

Mary and Bill

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