May 8, 2005

Back to Partida

Hello Everyone!

With the sounds of Earth, Wind and Fire's 1976 track "Get Away" playing on the boat stereo from Sirius satellite radio's Totally 70's channel... We're on our way back to Partida from Bahia Agua Verde. We've got the "meat line" out attached to the electric winch. That is our heavy hand line. We have the fishing rod out with lighter line trailing further behind also. Just looking for dinner!

Well, we still didn't find any Lobster. We did however visit the tiny tienda in the village and buy some local goat cheese. It's "squeaky" cheese (i.e. it squeaks when you bite into it) not the crumbly fresh goat cheese we get up in Sonoma. Very tasty though!

The village was real interesting. We had a long conversation in Spanish with the local goat herd (Mary led the conversation, her Spanish is much better than mine). He has a herd of over 110 goats and some cows and pigs with a free range all over the area. I got a picture of "Mary and the kids", that I'll post on the web site later. He also talked about the medicinal herbs in the area for all kinds of ailments. He must guide other gringos to collect them in the mountains. A very nice guy, he walked us across the village to the tienda, pointing out the goat cheese maker's house, etc.

The tienda was pretty tiny and the selection was slim (that's shorthand for no potato chips!, bread, beer, etc.). Two houses over, a lady has a sign up that says "tortillas for sale". If you want to buy some, she makes them to order while you have a nice sit in the shade at the side of her house. It takes about 5 minutes, but gosh are they great tasting!

Another two houses down the dirt road is the "Aqua Verde Restaurant", a single table in the shade in front of the families house. We stopped their with 6 other cruisers for a snack and a beer (Corona is the ONLY thing that have to drink) and we had some quesadillas (pretty skimpy ones, with just a little cheese). Not exactly Zagat's quality cuisine :-{

Last night we got together with some of the other cruisers for a pot luck and bon fire on the beach... It was a great beach party! Everyone brought better food than we've had at any Mexico cruisers pot luck so far. Doug from Kanaloa brought over his big amplifier and IPod. Another cruiser brought a small genset, so we had music until 11 with dancing on the beach! The most fun we've ever had at a pot luck!

About an hour out we came across a pod of hundreds of dolphins. As we were all headed in the same direction, they cavorted around the boat for about half an hour. I think Mary got some great footage on the video cam.

We should get into Partida around 7pm to anchor for the night.

That's the news from Raptor Dance.

Warmest Regards,
Bill and Mary

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