May 4, 2005

We're here in El Gato!

Haven't seen the Cat yet ;-}

Hello everyone!

What a lovely place! When we arrived, just before 2 PM, we were the only boat here. A small but picturesque bay with no development, buildings, fishing shacks, trash... Nada! Just lovely scenery, lot's of fish, great geology (fantastic rock formations, etc.), sandy beach, colorful, great snorkeling (haven't been in yet, but we can see the bottom from the surface).

We scouted out lunch for tomorrow... We just need to dive down and pick it up (maybe chase it a little).

Around 4 PM, three other boats arrived and anchored. We know them all and they're nice folks, but it's not as magical as it was before.

All is well here in Puerto El Gato (where's the cat?).

We also heard from another boat that we're in an article in the May issue of Latitude 38. We haven't seen it yet - if one of our friends who gets the publication could tell us what it's about - that would be great!

Before finishing this email, we heard from Last Resort (anchored about 100 yards off our starboard side) that an enormous pod of hundreds! of Dolphins was transiting south, just outside the bay. We grabbed both sets of binoculars and ran up to watch. Lot's of leaping and cavorting... A much finer rush hour than I used to deal with.

Warmest Regards,
Bill and Mary

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