May 7, 2005

Bahia Agua Verde

Hello Everyone.

Fantastic! We actually were able to SAIL from Puerto El Gato the 20 NMs up here to Bahia Agua Verde! We had a light 6 to 9 knots of wind from the North East for a pleasant close reach up the coast. Great scenery along the coast with a totally lovely experience. It's why we have a sailboat instead of a powerboat.

We left Gato and came up to Agua Verde as the little wind we had in the afternoons (12 Kts. max.) was blowing straight into the bay, making it uncomfortably rolly.

We'll stay here until Sunday when we need to start heading down to La Paz for our Dockwise voyage up to Vancouver. The season in Mexico has been just too short ;-{

Bahia Agua Verde is a large bay with 3 lobes. The east and west lobes are very small with only room for a few boats. The central lobe is much larger with room for dozens of boats. Each has features of interest.

Here in the west lobe there's great snorkeling.

There's a small village in the central lobe with a small tienda (store) and a very small, occasionally opened restaurant (actually a table in front of a home). The village has large flocks of goats and is noted for it's goat cheese. We'll report later on how it compares to ours from home if we can locate some.

The West lobe is the smallest, but is the most protected. We're not expecting any significant weather for the next few days, so we're fine where we are.

Unfortunately, when we were in Puerto El Gato, Manuel, the Fish and Lobster guy never came by, so we'll be checking out the fisherman here at the village to see if we can score some langosta (lobsters).

Agua Verde and Puerto El Gato are the kinds of places that you see in the brochures about cruising. Both have striking (but different) scenery, pleasant water (though a bit cold this early in the season, only around 74 F), lot's of fish, great snorkeling, etc. But, the sky's have been crystal clear so the sunsets are not very dramatic - but everything else is nearly perfect.

That's the news from Raptor Dance.

Warmest Regards,
Bill and Mary

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