April 6, 2005

At Anchor in Punta de Mita

We finally left the dock at Noon after the usual last minute chores:

1. Checking out from the Marina (We checked out with the port captain yesterday)

2. Coiling and stowing the power cables and hose

3. Having our last breakfast at the Vallarta Yacht club.

4. Saying good-bye to all our friends who weren't leaving today.

5. We then motored over to the main harbor in Puerto Vallarta, about 5 miles down
the coast, to fuel up.

6. Then we were off to Punta de Mita. The anchorage here is by the north entrance to
Banderas Bay.

We anchored and are now getting ready for dinner.

We're here with 3 other boats, all headed up to Mazatlán. We're planning to
depart at 8AM tomorrow morning (CDT).

The way points for tomorrows journey (if your plotting our voyage on a map) are:

20 42.100 N - 105 33.700 W
20 44.010 N - 105 35.670 W
20 47.160 N - 105 37.020 W
21 53.500 N - 105 48.000 W
23 16.000 N - 106 30.000 W
23 16.142 N - 106 28.118 W

This is a total of about 170 NM. At 6.5 Knots planned, it should take us 26
hours. So we'll have 1 overnight and get into Mazatlán Friday morning.

That's the evening update from Raptor Dance

Warmest Regards,
Bill and Mary

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