April 28, 2005

Isla Partida

Hello everyone!

We finally left La Paz yesterday morning and, after fueling up, motored the 23 miles up to (no wind again) and anchored at Caleta Partida at Isla Partida.

This is a nice anchorage with plenty of room for dozens of boats. During one La Paz race week a reported 200 were anchored in here. The only downside is that La Paz is the center of "The Moorings" bareboat charter operation in the area and there are quite a few charterers out for their one week vacations.

Needless to say, they vary in personalities and skills. One boat dropped anchor uncomfortably close to us.

We will move today or tomorrow up two bays North of here to Ensenada Grande, still on Isla Partida, to join Larry and Susan on the Valiant 42, Moira. They anchored there in the middle bay... with no Moorings boats (we think that Mike has them all using the middle bay of Ensenada Grande)!

Mike on Amazing Grace runs the local Moorings operation in La Paz and he's a very nice fellow. We checked out their provisioning store and they had a good selection, but the prices were a bit high. So, we provisioned in town.

The Mexican Super Mercados are very well stocked with a wide range of staples and local meats, produce and baked goods. The biggest thing we miss is the great California wines ;-{

We'll be out cruising this area North of La Paz for the next few weeks - until we need to return to La Paz on May 10th to get ready for the Dockwise pickup on May 18th +/-

Bill and Mary

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