April 30, 2005

Ensenada Grande

Greetings from Ensenada Grande at Isla Partida.

I was sad to leave the beautiful Partida Cove but this is even more beautiful. The water is crystal clear, ranging from the beautiful light turquoise blue near the beach, then several shades of deeper blue, all the way to deep sapphire blue. I love this!

The water is warming up but still a little to cool to go without a wet suit for very long. It's 74 degrees, 2 degrees warmer than the last cove.

The main sea life we've seen is puffer fish, that seem to be nesting in groups on the sand bottom. There are a few other small species (sergeant majors, coronet fish, stingrays) but nothing we'd call lunch.

Our main excursion for today was to follow the trail to the top of this rocky island for a view to the east and all the way to Baja to the west…and to see our boat in these setting in these waters. It was an interesting trek among a variety of cactus and lizards. Not many people would call this a path past the first 50 feet. For today we had to call it quits when our "trail" turned in a mass of rocks and boulders to climb over.

Since everything is working well now, and nothing is broken, we have ample time for diversions lie backgammon, reading, visiting with the other boaters and just plain kicking back. Needless to say, we are enjoying this immensely.

We'll probably stay here for another day or two before moving on to Isla San Francisco.

Warmest Regards,
Mary and Bill

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